Google AdSense Skyscraper Ad Placement

Okay, I'm hooked. A discussion broke out on The Well about Google Adsense advertising and how easy it was to set up, use, and make a few bucks. I had a page or two that manages to get a few hits, and thought, "Hey, maybe I could fund my monthly ISP costs." After only a day or two of reviewing the Adsense click-thru reports, I was hooked. The clicks were translating into dollars and cents, and I wanted more.

I started with a small banner at the top of the page. Someone asked why I didn't use the four-wide ad banner. I didn't have a good reason, other than my pages sized nicely regardless of browser width and the larger banners seemed too wide and wouldn't resize if the reader changed the width of their browser to a more narrow size.

Nonetheless, I switched to the wider banners, and was pleased with the result. Hey, if two ads got me n clicks, then four ads would get me even more, right? Then I started to thinking about my own web reading habits. After years of flashing, animated, and eye-catching banner advertisements, I'd become so adept at instantly scrolling a page down to hide top-of-page banner ads using mouse wheel that I barely saw them any more.

I considered putting the banner advertisement at the bottom of of the page, where the user might linger longer as he or she reads the entire page. If.

The trick to fend against my own scroll-and-hide maneuver was to put the advertisements at the same "level" as the content of the page -- kinda like the ones you see to the right of these words. That sort of block of ads is referred to by Google as a "skyscraper" and is one of the options you have when constructing advertisement HTML

Now, I could have easily built the page using HTML Tables, and that would have easily stuck the skyscraper on the right of this and other pages. And I'll talk about how to do that. But tables are soooo 1998. These days. for the most compatibility with the variety of web enabled devices, we use CSS. Problem is, my CSS skills are fairly weak. Heck, any seasoned CSS coder will shudder if forced to view the style sheet for this site. Let's say it's not very well organized. Does the job, though, so I don't spend a lot of time on it.

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